I am the
life coach for
therapists, healers, seekers and dreamers.


I believe in the power of healing, self compassion, personal psychology, spirituality, motivation, and change; I believe in intuition, honesty, imperfection, moving through emotion, getting obstacles out of the way, and crafting a proud, light and joy filled life.

I believe many people are suffering behind masks of insincerity and pain--with little understanding of how much better life can be when we step into the light of our lives. I believe facing ourselves in our fears to create positive change is the most courageous thing we can do. 

When we each step up to do our individual healing, through the butterfly effect, we change the world. I believe in the power of my personal healing and I believe in your power to find what you need to live with fullness, peace, connection, and light.  

You have helped me heal my wounds (old and fresh...). You have also helped me decode my own natural way of thinking and processing that’s always existed in me, I just didn’t know I had. You’re a spiritual and emotional translator/interpreter. Like the folks that interpret with sign language but with our own individual paths and situations. Does that make sense?
— D. May/2017
I used to think that you ‘saved me’ but that’s wrong. You helped me find the strength to understand who I am. To help me turn on the flashlight and throw light in the dark places, to give me the tools to be self aware. You listen, you guide, you feel, and then you push out of the nest!
— B./ May 2017
You’ve greatly helped me to find solutions and see the good instead of being paralyzed from anxiety. You are a confidence builder, a teacher of healthy relationships, the calm inside the hurricane... Okay, that last one is a bit silly perhaps, but it’s true!
— V. / May 2017

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Educational Experience and credentials:

B.A. Psychology from College of Sciences, University of New Orleans, 2003

M.Ed. Community Counseling University of New Orleans, 2007

Licensed Addiction Counselor 2007-2010 State of Louisiana

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern 2007-9 Louisiana

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern 2009-10 Texas

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor 2009 Texas

Licensed Professional Counselor 2010 Texas

Nationally Certified Counselor 2006-08 (left in good standing)

American Counseling Association 2006-10 (left in good standing)

Yoga Certification Training, 200 hr., 2009-2010

Certified Rainbow Kids Yoga Training 2010




Professional Work Experience:  

Nikki Eisenhauer LLC, Life Coach and Consultant, Owner & Operator 2015-present

Lagniappe Therapy, Full Time Private Practice, Owner and Operator 2009-present

The Turquoise House On Yale, Healing Collective, Owner and Operator 2011-2014

Ahimsa Yoga, Yoga Studio, Lead Teacher, Co-owner and operator 2011-2013

Schlumberger Oil Company, Yoga Teacher 2010-2012

DBSA(Depression Bipolar Support Alliance) Special Populations at risk Support Group Facilitator 2009-2012 high schools & homeless shelter

West Oaks Psychiatric Hospital, PRN Psychotherapist 2009-2010

Addiction Recovery Resources of New Orleans, IOP and Trauma Program Counselor 2005-2009

Various Service Industry Positions Waitressing, Bartending, Catering, Valet while completing higher education

My 1st successful caring business was babysitting at age 11, and I've been an entrepreneur ever since! 


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