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Life ConsultINg:  Sonder & Solace


Meet with a Wise Owl. Grow your Wise Owl Within.

A holistic health professional qualified and motivated to help you figure out the path to peace and fulfillment. Not therapy, not coaching. Proactive evolving. I'll guide you. Sessions are like snowflakes-each different and full of the wonder of life. You may share, discuss, question, disagree, grieve, weep, understand, explore, consider, scream, remember, practice, communicate, tune up, be loud, vent, be still, be open, let go, meditate, relate, be heard, fail, give fear the finger, own it, seek, and grow. Your choice, one session at a time-I'll help you figure out a direction if you feel curious but overwhelmed or lost. Call to schedule consultation or book online today. 

 photography by  Adrienne Battistella

photography by Adrienne Battistella

Sonder and Solace Virtual Sessions


Meet with a Wise Owl.

Current themes people are working on at WOW:   

  • Action vs. Thinking and Feeling
  • What's my truth? 
  • Intuition vs. anxiety
  • Passion projects aka giving fear the finger
  • Expediting the healing process 
  • What to do while in grief
  • Blowing bubbles (you'll have to ask)
  • Coping for HSPs
  • Letting Go
  • Creative Parenting Strategies to motivate

Package 1 - $250 60 min/1-4 sessions

Package 2 - $675 180 min/3-12 sessions 

Package 3 - $1200 360 min/6-24 sessions

  • Virtual Sessions, personalized
  • Consultation with your primary therapist if desired to complement your healing
  • Shaped by your personality, desire, & needs
  • 15 minute checkins or longer sessions
  • Payment plans or sliding scale available, reach out with questions:  email me
  • Call or schedule online free 15 min consultation 713-677-3330