Why WOW was Created

Wise Owl Within is so many things to me, a culmination of years of intense professional and personal life experience. If you hang out at WOW long enough, I imagine you will get to know me. One reason I created this educational site is to step beyond the limited relationship of Psychotherapist to share more, give more, teach more. It is a critical time in technology, education and mental health. We have lost the art of apprenticeship and human connection in the world to great detriment. Wise Owl Within is a modern mental health apprenticeship, mentorship, and healing force. 

Another reason is the answer to this question, 'How do you handle being a therapist? How do you listen to all of that?' I diversify. I share. I change. I grow. I let go of my practice in Houston because I felt called to the mountains. I create something new and different as a place for me to 'put' all the resilience, strength, pain, wisdom, struggle, empowerment, joy, light, healing, and exceptionalism my clients have shared with me. The public thinks clients learn from therapists, or students from teachers. This is true, of course. What people don't realize, if the process is approached as a true healing art, the therapist gets insight about humanity from deep within the client, and this is a most precious gift. This will never be studied because it can't be controlled and studied within the parameters of current 'science' as it is indescribable and immeasurable. I want to share 'that', whatever that special 'that' is, here, with you and the world. The important 'that' happens through action and change, facing fear and vulnerability. I hope beyond all hope I honor the courage, resilience, and life force of the many who have shared time, space, healing, growth with me. I wish you greater peace and fulfillment. So, please come here, often. Open to possibility. Grow your own Wise Owl Within. I'll show you how. 

Nikki EisenhauerComment