Do you offer a payment plan for Sonder and Solace Sessions?

Asking for what you need is a pillar of good mental health. If interested in a Life Consultation Sonder and Solace session, the rate is $250/50 minute session. On a case by case basis, a scheduled payment plan may be available. It is my sincerest wish finances not block anyone from receiving what they healthily seek. Please email me, subject ‘payment plan request’ and a short description of your circumstances, under 300 words please. Just give yourself permission to simply and bluntly speak—as an exercise in asserting who you are and what you need or want, simply, and without need for justification. Know that all ‘yeses’ to requests are done with care and love. Know that all ‘no-s’ to requests are done with care and love. Know that you and your request are only part of the equation and a ‘no’ to you may be a ‘not right now’ to be put on a waiting list. I am not a super hero, nor do I employ super heroes at WOW. I will not attempt to lace up my boots, tie on the superwoman cape, and ‘rescue,’ but I do encourage clear communication and requests as a very healthy life skill to practice, as is receiving yeses and no-s with grace and flow. 

Nikki EisenhauerComment