Triggers are Tricky

Triggers are tricky. The word trigger is being used more and more frequently in relation to one’s mental health or emotional process, but what is it, really? 

Trigger is used to describe the catalyst for the physical and emotional process a trauma survivor experiences when their brain fires all the same chemicals into the body as it did during the trauma. Those chemicals are there to set off the sympathetic nervous system 

Joey and the Rocket

Reframing is the psyche’s transformative magical fairy dust. The mind often grabs hold of a concept, attaches the darkest of emotions, then cycles on a thought loop to pound a scary, hurt, rejected, fatalistic, or overwhelming beat into our psyches like a drum.

Nikki Eisenhauer
Choose a Gynecologist Wisely

So, it’s awkward. Your beautiful goddess vagina needs checkups. Part of being an empowered woman is facing the vagina doctor. Most of us do what I did in my 20’s. We go to the cheapest person, covered by insurance, if we have it, or the one our moms or aunts swear by, and cross our fingers the doctor ‘down there’ will be sufficient and low on the weird or creepy scale. 

Giving and Replenishing for the Sensitive Soul

The Sensitives of the World are a very important cog in the wheel of humanity. We see the needs of the world, sensing with great intuitiveness what is lacking, needed for the world to right itself. Sensitives see the needs on a grand, worldly scale...

Nikki Eisenhauer
Sonder & Solace

I am a self described wordy. I learned to read very early and immersed myself in stories. Fond memories of pouring over dictionaries, thesauruses, even baby name books, are precious to me.  As an empath, highly sensitive person, or feeler, I now know I was doing more than just reading words. I felt words.

Sheriff’s Wisdom—On Respect and Boundaries

I am Sheriff, a Chow Chow, nice to meet you. I’d like to advocate for humans by advocating for my Chow brothers and sisters today. Not all of my spiritual siblings have masters who have bestowed what Chows require: respect, honor, exercise, socialization, kind touch and instruction. We are different and similar...

Nikki Eisenhauer
The Lesson of Babies and Bananas

What happens when a baby tastes her 1st foods? Babies faces contort and scowl and they often spit out the food in apparent abhorrent disgust, their mouth, shocked and confused. Is this because mashed banana is bitter or sour or disgusting? No way! Banana is super sweet, but it is new, foreign, a big change...

Nikki Eisenhauer