Here at WOW, we know you learn best through utilizing all senses. Stay tuned for a la carte  group offerings for growing your Wise Owl Within, available in the coming months, or work one-on-one in a private single session or package. Our a la carte group option coming soon.  At WOW we believe the path to personal wisdom happens though listening, movement, creativity, critical thinking, stretching, and balance. 



We have learned for centuries through the spoken word. The voices of human beings resonate deeply within us. Person to Person, voice to voice, mentor to apprentice, parent to child, leader to flock, the vibration of sound speaks to our bodies and souls. My favorite definition of sound? Sound(adj.)-having no defect as to truth, justice, wisdom, or reason. Listen to audio meditations, prayers, poetry, current events commentary, and words to the wise. 


Americans, in particular, are struggling with deep disconnection between body and mind. What heals the mind, heals the body, and unites the spirit. Learn by participating through mind-body educational videos highlighting yoga, free movement, and simple joyful tips to yoke and heal this sacred connection of mind-body-spirit to increase overall well being and fulfillment for a lifetime.



Creating has been part of human existence since the beginning. It is how we process, release, turn pain into beauty, feel our human ingenuity thrive by building something from idea to fruition. We are the only animals with such expansive abilities! To be alive is to create. To create is to heal. Learn how to more mindfully choose your creative outlets to guide your unique process and release self limiting lies of ‘I can’t’ or ‘I don’t have any creative talents’. Enjoy stretching your creative muscles and boundaries though creative movement, nourishing foods, tonics, and essential oils from recipes, and art and journal suggested activities to heal in ways you never thought possible and bring unexpected fun and light into your world. 


The world continues to speed up as American health continues to suffer. Food wasn’t meant to be fast, rather savored one bite at a time. As sensitives it is imperative we strengthen the muscles of just ‘being’ to combat the stresses of this speedy modern existence. Meditation, yoga, creating, present moment awareness are our salves for speed. Learn how to wrangle stillness in your life and understand the paradoxes at play. The more we slow down, the more productive and fulfilled we actually become. This is a returning to our most natural state-and in 2016, we must face that this takes intentional practice. WOW will guide you. Just show up and be open. No overthinking it (see The Art of Thinking-That’s your first lesson in ‘being.’)



Healing takes place as never-ending balancing act. We sleep, we wake. We stand, we sit. We work, we play. We succeed, we fail. We give, we receive. We get dirty, we get clean. We love, we grieve. We live, we die. WOW aims to educate, model and advocate your healing journey in the important subtleties that have been grossly neglected by educational systems overvaluing Math, Science, History, etc. at the expense of life skills training. WOW strives to fill in those gaps, so you can make the very best informed choices in your life. Watch, listen, read, open up to possibility here and nurture your own wise owl within. Take what works for you, audio, video, articles, exercises, a la carte, or the whole shebang.

Emotional Badass AdvocacY

Don't confuse kindness, sensitivity, and loving themes on WOW with wimpy foo foo! Wise Owls are strong and we face challenges and take on the issues in our lives and the world head on. Get ready for calls to action for your inner owl. Get ready to be called on your own bullshit that is standing in the way of your worth and fulfillment. Learn how to deal with conflict and anger first within yourself and out in the world, to disagree with grace, hold your ground or change your mind, face your trauma as a survivor, wave goodbye to the victimhood and excuses, and own your life. If you've made it this far in life, I know you are already an Emotional Badass-own it and keep growing. Read, listen, practice through readings, meditations, yoga, and everything else. As in life, there is no clear syllabus and requires a bit of a leap of faith--probably a lot like the baby owl spreading her wings and soaring for the very first time, full of exhilaration, hope, and fear as her talons trade branch for sky. 


Art of Thinking

An orange, ripe and delicious, is enjoyed by the body and spirit. Eating a whole bag of oranges will make you queasy, sick, and not want to even think about another orange for a long time! We have been sold the lie thinking thinking thinking solves our woes. I argue over-thinking is as dangerous as under-thinking. In this information age, an ability to google any thought is taking us away from balance and stillness. In short, we are making ourselves neurotic with information overload, creating frustration and helplessness because our researching efforts don’t make us feel any better or show us HOW to implement knowledge into our day to day lives. Information alone does not and will not heal you. Overthinking leads to burnout, anxiety, stuckness, lack of joy. As a nation, we have forgone teaching the art of thinking and have instead, lacking balance, over invested in information. WOW strives to serve as the ‘art of thinking’ coursework your traditional education overlooked, to bring your wise owl the balance he/she so desperately yearns for. You won’t just gather more information here at WOW! We will cover the How-to of emotions, coping, self-esteem, grief, people pleasing and codependency, high sensitivity, mindfulness, and not taking ourselves too seriously. You will practice and integrate balancing principles through suggested activities until balance becomes your new normal.